KBach Gallery is a media group that takes a fresh and entertaining perspective on the global art world, making it accessible, fun and inclusive for everyone.

We love to share stories of inspiring creatives, to report on art & pop culture happenings and to dig into arty career topics – all with our tongue in cheek. While delivering daily content across our digital platforms, we still love print. Our biannual print magazine always comes with sought-after limited-edition stickers.

As a media company with a creative agency division, we develop innovative concepts and strategies to create captivating content for our clients, working closely with our unparalleled network of global art world influencers and institutions.

Inaugurating in 2018 in Seattle, the Art Conference, also is the brainchild of KBach Gallery.The Conference examines the continuous engagement of the luxury- and fashion industry in the field of contemporary art. Vice versa it explores how contemporary art can help to create meaningful and innovative platforms and formats for brands.

The latest addition to our repertoire is to serve our community. The membership club hosts unique events and conversations and gives access to a global network of like-minded people and leading mentors empowering careers.